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  This site is dedicated to helping those in bondage understand just what Jesus Christ voluntary sacrifice did for us on the cross. Isaiah prophesied that He (The Messiah) would heal the sick, heal the broken hearted and set the captive free. Then, if that's true, why are today's Christians so sick, broken and discouraged right in the Church? This is happening even in the front row under the noses of the Pastors and Leadership. These teachings will bring light and understanding as this site comes fully together. There will be continuing information and suggested reading for those looking for help.  Referrals also will be posted for those experiencing torment.

 Being ministered to by those that have experience and have conquered the same things you're experiencing seems to carry a double anointing with their true understanding of your situation and willingness to help. Having been married to a spouse that by medical standards was diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) has given me firsthand experience in seeing the torment that plagued us both from this neurosis. Unspeakable things would happen sometimes for weeks at a time throughout our marriage until it abruptly ended. So I know what pain and discouragement feels like. I was looking for answers during the marriage and did not find them. I looked for help from both secular psychiatry and local churches. Both were just dead ends with them each giving little or no real understanding of the true nature of the problem.  And unfortunately, at the time, being untrained in God’s Word, with less than two years as a Christian when we married, I did not understand that my own Church and others were not capable or willing to reveal the true battle that was raging in my marriage.

 Things can and do supernaturally happen to some that cannot be physically explained. You yourself may keep secrets of your life experiences and may only reveal them to those you truly trust concerning what happens in the middle of the night while you're trying to sleep. Or things like, whenever you're just getting ahead and finally feel like your making progress, then it happens, disaster! Only leading you to experience more pain and disappointment. So “why try anymore”?… you say to yourself! No one seems to understand or can help me. This leaves you feeling powerless and without hope. So are you crazy to experience these things that happen to you? Are you wrong in feeling scared or guilty about the way you feel because you've been led to believe it's entirely your fault? And all others do is tell you to have more faith because you're lacking and that the problem is with you. If this is you… well, you're not crazy and you’re not lacking faith! And, if this sounds like you, then I know we’ve only revealed part of what's going on in your life and you’re not alone.

 There are thousands of Christians sitting in the pews, dying a little more each day because they can't seem to receive what God has for them. Or, they just live with it and never fulfill God’s destiny for them. He may have given you an anointing to carry out what He would use you for, in His Kingdom. However, you're too beat up or scared to move forward. This unfortunately, is the case all across this country and now even around the world. However, there are countries that are breaking down strongholds and seeing mass revival. So, there's good news for you right under the front cover of God’s Word!  There is an answer and help for those that have been abandoned by their loved ones or the Church.  Jesus paid the price for you and me to overcome the enemy, God’s enemy! Your enemy and mine. Thankfully, God the Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit are our strength and victory over this ancient fallen adversary, the devil called Satan, that wishes your destruction. But, think about it. With the Power of the Blood of Jesus Christ and the gift of the Holy Spirit in our corner, how could we be defeated?  So what’s going on? Why is your life like some crazy dream that never seems to end, like Groundhog Day from hell?  Well here's what’s going on fellow Christian. If we had been taught the truth right from God’s Word, like Jesus commanded it in the beginning of our walk with Christ, then most of us would have never experienced the things that crippled us in our life and marriage. God's Word is the truth. Jesus commanded us to heal the sick, bind up the broken hearted and set the captives free!

 That means all brothers and sisters in Christ have a job to do.  And we'd better get to it while there’s still time before His soon return. Even you that have lost all hope can be a warrior, especially if your Pastor and fellow brethren do their job! So watch what's coming up as we continue this fight against the enemy of God’s Children with the Word and Power given to us by the sacrifice of God's Son, the Lord Jesus Christ.