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 This website and its contents are for reference and assisting those that are in bondage from lack of proper ministry teaching from today's Christian churches. Full Biblical teaching of God’s Word is being forfeited in the name of money and thus avoiding accountability of its members of the Congregation so as not to offend anyone. So, whether it's the fear of dwindling tithes, thus compromising the Word of God. Or, unbelief by today's Pastors that the whole Bible is completely the inherent Spoken Word of God. In either case God's people are suffering continual attacks of the enemy unnecessarily and losing ground each day to the point that some are giving up all hope of ever being set free. God's Word is God's Word. You either believes it or not! And if He says we are at war against the spirit world of Satan, Then why are we as Sheep... and Ministers as Shepherds, not instructing and teaching the flock (us) the whole truth? That Satan and his demons are real, hell is real, and they are Hell-Bent on our Destruction!

 So as author of this website I'm stating that I am not a minister, counselor, doctor or physiologist. I am simply one of Jesus Christ followers who have learned the hard way through personal experiences. However, I do have several years serving in the Deliverance and Healing Ministry behind me now. Plus my own experience with a loved one that was under one of the most incredible long-term attacks one could ever encounter by demonic forces. We are in an intense battle, whether we see it every day or not. The more you press toward God, the more of a threat you are to Satan and his demons.

 While my life and marriage was being ripped apart, the Church could only stand by and watch because even they were unequipped for spiritual warfare. So now with my experience and deliverance information, I am willing to forward on to you my teachings and findings to help you and other fellow believers in your dark times of need. We as believers are under the authority (and mandate) of Jesus to expel demons. Remember, demons tremble at the name of Jesus Christ, the Son of God… So Fear Not as you move forward with God's Word (The Sword of the Spirit) and take back what the enemy has stolen from you.

 Keep in mind you are not alone. You are one of millions around the world that are spiritually attacked by not being properly armed with the Word of God. The Word of God clearly says we have been given authority over the devil through Jesus Christ and his Blood Sacrifice on the Cross as payment for our sins. In this, we are then to take the Sword of the Spirit and defend ourselves and our loved ones against any demonic attack that is clearly spiritual, that can harm us or others.

 So as you learn from this website and the posted teachings, read the Word of God and meditate on it so you can clearly hear what God says about your new-found information, concerning your situation. God speaks to us all. So ask, listen and believe, for God is faithful to those who love Him and obey his Word.

 God bless!

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