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  As Bond Severance we serve our Father God through His Son Jesus Christ. Just think! You can be forgiven of your transgression against God and your brethren on this earth. That includes drug and alcohol abuse, abortion, homosexuality, prostitution, pride and your self-willed disobedience! Why? Because the great accuser Satan has been put under the feet of Jesus. But we need to personally claim the devil's defeat and operate in the power of the Holy Spirit given to us through the sacrificed blood of our Savior.

Scott E. Hensler


  Scott Hensler has been dedicated to the Deliverance Ministries for over a decade. In his dedication to understanding the demonic issues that influence behavioral disorders he has uncovered the true root causes. He has released this information in 2012 in “BPD or Jezebel – Borderline Personality Disorder and the Spiritual Connection” which is available via Amazon Kindle Books. His second book titled “Second Heaven Invasion - Field Manual for End of Days” is soon to be released.

  Scott entered the deliverance ministry in 2001 after experiencing first hand demonic possession of a loved one, and the destruction it caused on all involved including himself. Deciding to search for answers, he shockingly found that the Christian churches were not able to assist or help, much less willing to even address the demonic realm issues Christians are facing. He finely discovered a deliverance ministry in the Phoenix area that knew exactly what to do to eliminate the evil spirits, and remove the curses. After seeing how God worked in his life he has dedicated his life to setting others free ever since.